Month: June 2021

Successful Partners TMGL and JANSON Form 8(a) Joint Venture: JAN TECH

New cooperative entity will be well-positioned to help Clients modernize their facilities, engage virtually, and meet future workforce requirements.

Elkwood, VA — May 17, 2021 — TMGL LLC, a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) 8(a), and JANSON Communications, a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB), today announced that they have formed a Joint Venture called JAN TECH that will combine their collective strengths and complimentary talents into a single 8(a) entity that can better support the Defense and Federal clients as they face new shifts in workforce expectations, technology, and stakeholder requirements.

TMGL and JANSON have been working together successfully as prime-sub partners for the past three years on numerous contracts. Each company will continue to operate and grow as separate entities but when government contract opportunities can leverage the strength of both companies, the JV of JAN TECH would be brought forward.

JAN TECH will specialize in offering best-in-class strategic communications solutions, virtual environments and engagement solutions, AV & IT, and facilities branding solutions for the DoD and Federal agencies. “JAN TECH is effectively a force multiplier by bringing together two proven and committed companies that have common and also different skills,” says Phil Bower, President, JAN TECH, who also serves as President of TGML and is a former U.S. Navy captain.

More recently, JANSON has brought to market a device-agnostic, customizable 3D virtual environment that allows for a feel-like-you’re-there, human-focused experience during remote meetings and interactions. This leading-edge tool makes for a much more seamless, engaging and productive virtual meeting, conference, training, briefing, or other event rather than the mind-numbing “heads in little boxes” experience of most remote solutions.

Janet Chihocky, Executive Vice President of JAN TECH, who also serves as the President and CEO of JANSON notes that “In addition to communications, outreach and facilities modernization opportunities, JAN TECH will be uniquely positioned to help with the growing trends in not only 3D virtual environments but also workspace upgrades, which are likely to be in big demand as employees are asked to physically return to work as the COVID pandemic begins to subside.”

 “Leaders recognize that they are dealing with reticence on the part of employees to return to the office after a year of working remotely,” said Chihocky. She went on to say, “many of them recognize that the workforce has a different set of expectations today of the type of work environments they need to be as inspired and productive as possible.”

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Janet Chihocky Launches “The Communications Podcast”

Janet Chihocky, Founder and Chief Branding Officer of JANSON, today announced the launch of her new podcast, The Communications Podcast with Janet Chihocky. The Podcast focuses on topics such as The 3 S’s Required for Growth, the Communications Value Bridge, the 4 P’s of Promotion and a host of discussions geared toward business owners and working professionals.

Understanding communications is a vital skill. A dedicated and award-winning public speaker in high school, Chihocky says she “fell in love with communications” at a very young age. “I realized how much I enjoyed motivating people and the impact of value-driven communications,” she says. This love of communications led Chihocky first to join the corporate marketing team of a growing aerospace company, and then at the age of 27 to found JANSON, the premier company specializing in physical, virtual, and digital communication solutions for military, defense, and federal customers.

Growing A Business In Tough Times
Like many business owners who start out with nothing more than an idea, Chihocky learned the how-to’s of running her business the hard way – right after 9/11. Handling a split with her business partner, putting her house on the line, even facing down bankruptcy – her prayers and her passion for helping people bring their missions to life kept her going.

19 years later, the lessons she learned have allowed JANSON to weather the pandemic without even applying for a PPP loan. “I’ve learned a lot from success, and I’ve learned even more from failure,” says Chihocky. “In this podcast, I want to share the tips and tricks and values that I’ve learned about how to look at communications and the pursuit of your mission from a very realistic and applicable perspective.”

A New Look At Communications
Communications is the art of translating your experience into the specific value you bring to the person or organization you are helping. Chihocky calls this “walking the value bridge,” and she has dedicated a full episode of the new podcast to exploring it.

The Communications Podcast
Episode 1: The Communications Podcast Launch
Episode 2: Walk and Talk the Communications Value Bridge
Episode 3: The 3 S’s Required for Growth—Part 1: Strategy
Episode 4: The 3 S’s Required for Growth—Part 2: Structure
Listen to The Communications Podcast.

Dedicated to bringing our customers’ mission to life, JANSON is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) contractor specializing in physical, virtual, and digital communication solutions for military, defense, and federal customers. JANSON’s physical communication solutions, including modernized office workspaces and museum-quality displays, have been installed in buildings across the nation. Through its strategic communications expertise, the JANSON team delivers advanced campaign plans, digital communication strategies, creative and graphics products, stakeholder analysis, immersive displays, technology programs, speechwriting, media relations, high-impact videos, and 3D virtual environments for online training and virtual briefings.

JANSON Launches Virtual Environment Solutions for Clients

Expanded Communications Platforms are Designed to Enable Virtual Workforce Training, Technology Demos, Town halls, Conferences and Exhibits, and More

JANSON is pleased to announce the launch of its virtual environments service offering. These solutions are extraordinary and leverage 3D virtual and mixed reality technologies to bring enhanced efficiency to virtual engagements through large-scale presentations, briefing rooms, technology demos, live streaming, workforce town halls, training sessions, and much more . Our solutions enable our clients worldwide to engage faster, better, and cheaper with any audience or stakeholder.

“Our clients are realizing the broader engagement opportunities and — better yet — bottom-line benefits of virtual environments for their business and mission needs,” explains Janet Chihocky , Founder & CEO of JANSON . “JANSON’s immersive virtual environments allow you to extend your reach and showcase content and products to stakeholders locally, regionally, and around the world. Our virtual engagement solutions were designed to meet clients at their point of need. Whether developing a virtual facility or innovation center that mirrors the client’s physical facility or conducting technology demos, events, or a custom environment for workforce training, our engagement solutions can solve those challenges and many others.”

She added: “As a company dedicated to “best in class” communications solutions for our clients, the effort to develop and provide this service offering was the logical next step in our portfolio expansion.”

Hosted on the cloud or on-premises behind a firewall, JANSON’s virtual solutions provide innovative and modernized experiences that can run on any desktop, tablet, or smartphone, enabling JANSON clients to reach new and unlimited audiences at a specific time, increase efficiency, improve the bottom line , and enhance their mission.

A company dedicated to bringing a customer’s mission to life, JANSON is a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) that specializes in physical, virtual and digital communication solutions for military, defense and federal customers. Their solutions can be found in buildings across the nation where they have modernized office workspaces and installed museum-quality displays, to strategic communication solutions where the JANSON team delivers advanced campaign plans, communication strategies, creative and graphics products, stakeholder analysis, immersive displays and technology programs, speech writing, media relations, high impact videos and 3D virtual environments for online training and virtual briefings.