Clients rely on JANSON to rapidly deliver a strategy and consistent and credible supporting communications tactics to successfully navigate any unexpected crisis.

When the unexpected happens or when faced with a challenging situation that requires discernment, media-savvy and expert handling, you can count on JANSON to provide a sustained, well-designed, coordinated and tested response to help you react properly and expediently.

We work shoulder to shoulder with your expert counsel to provide training, workshops and strategic response plans. JANSON helps clients understand the positive impact of aggressive, well-designed plans and communication activities. In our years supporting defense, federal and aerospace clients, we have experienced the full range of crises. JANSON continues to be called on to help clients transform challenging situations or negative perceptions into balanced and constructive outcomes.

  • Procedures and checklists
  • Policies
  • Plans
  • Media monitoring
  • Spokesperson identification
  • Media training
  • Message development
  • Platforms & delivery vehicles
  • Social media integration
  • Tool kits
  • Exercises & testing
  • Post-crisis follow up