Leadership Team

Janet M. Chihocky

Janet Chihocky is the Founder and CEO of JANSON and a popular speaker on a variety of business and communications topics, including the need for facilities modernization and workplace transformation, advancing your brand for strategic growth, leadership, and how to flourish in business in times of adversity
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Need a Lifeline?  I Did Too!

Everyone, at some point, faces a Chapter 11 moment – job loss, a devastating medical diagnosis, bankruptcy, the unexpected loss of a loved one.  

 In “Facing It, I Did Too” Janet Chihocky shares the inspirational story of finding herself on the brink of losing everything. Rather than accepting the bleak statistics, she trusted God and refused to give up!

Robert Seise

Robert Seise brings  8 years of experience suggesting, supporting, and implementing business operations and strategy initiatives to his role at JANSON. He leverages his expertise in research, data analysis, and modeling and simulation disciplines to direct and support the planning and execution of coordinated team efforts which ensure service excellence and the delivery of smart solutions across informational, cognitive, and physical domains.

Deidra Knight

Deidra Knight has more than 15 years of experience as a public affairs and communications specialist. A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve who is still serving, Deidra in her capacity at JANSON advises senior civilian and military leaders on strategic communications while leading her team to be versatile, ever-changing, and driven.

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Julie Kettner

Julie Kettner applies over 20 years of professional experience to her role as JANSON’s Operations Manager. Her broad background working across different markets and specialized expertise in program management, graphic design, marketing, and business administration ensures that JANSON’s daily operations function at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Audrey Flisi

Audrey Flisi brings nearly 20 years of experience in the fashion industry to her role as Brand Director at JANSON. She is passionate about working alongside her team members and using her creativity to promote and elevate the JANSON brand within the defense contracting community and the general public.

Steffan Clousing

Steffan Clousing brings almost 20 years of experience in the world of design to his role as JANSON’s Creative Director. Providing functionally innovative and aesthetically pleasing solutions for clients looking to improve employee morale and tell their story and mission is the most rewarding aspect of his work.