Megan Boland


Partner, Communications Practice

As the Partner for JANSON’s Communications Practice, Megan directs the planning and execution for various customers within our communications domain with a specific concentration on Department of the Army and Department of Defense Warfighter-centric acquisition programs. She applies her qualitative and quantitative research and analytical skills to assess the most effective means of communications and drives the measurement/ROI by managing our communications teams to deliver targeted messaging, informed planning and mission outreach activities.

Megan brings over 10 years of experience developing and leading strategic and tactical communications programs in high-ops tempo environments to communicate customer messaging to a broad range of domestic and international stakeholders. She currently leads a team of 8 communications and public affairs planners and specialist while delivering informed communications solutions that are tied to the clients strategic command objectives and priorities.

Prior to joining JANSON, Megan worked in federal and national level politics establishing strategic communication initiatives within her area of operations. Additionally she worked as a contractor on an international affairs project with USAID while overseas.