JANSON delivers strategies and programs that align with your stakeholders’ needs—and the support and tools needed to ensure ongoing stakeholder engagement.

At JANSON, we understand that stakeholder relationship management involves consistent, coordinated and proactive engagement of and involvement with key audiences to accomplish a specific goal or to reach your desired end-state.

The primary objective is to understand exactly what your stakeholders know or believe about your brand. JANSON’s stakeholder relationship management capability draws from industry best practices and our own experience and lessons learned from our many years of client service. We enable you to more effectively develop and manage your relationships by helping you better understand the values, needs and perceptions of your stakeholders. Once this understanding is established, JANSON helps you drive awareness and stakeholder association with strategies and programs that deliver value.

  • Stakeholder identification & analysis
  • Segmentation & prioritization
  • Engagement strategies & tactics
  • Partnering strategies
  • Stakeholder interaction monitoring