Doing more for others

In 2002, our founder and CEO was on the verge of filing for Chapter 11 and faced losing everything. Through hard work and perseverance, God’s provision, and the help of unexpected deliverance from others, Janet and JANSON recovered and never had to file for bankruptcy.

Janet determined that one day she and JANSON would be a part of unexpected deliverance for others as well. That day finally came! We are honored to support missionaries around the world as well as transitional housing and homeless organizations that are committed to helping families with children transition to a greater place of security and independence.

Doing more for others is what we consider one of life’s greatest blessings!

“JANSON is a company that is 100 percent committed to the mission! Their dedication stems from the very top of the organization and their expertise in branding and communications is unmatched. They never settle for status quo – Janet pushes herself and her team to deliver the absolute best.”

– Government Civilian, U.S. Army